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Welcome to our practice!

"What should I expect at my first visit?"


We ask that you bring:

  • The forms that we will mail out to you. You may also download these from our website.

  • Your drivers license or another form of ID with your name and picture on it and your updated insurance cards (medical and vision if available).

  • A list of your current medications with the correct spelling and strength.

  • Current eyeglasses (prescription or over-the-counter reading glasses).

  • A driver is recommended. Depending on the reason you are being seen, we may or may not dilate your eyes. Dilation can sometimes make it difficult to drive in bright sunlight. If you do not have a driver, you may want to bring a pair of sunglasses with you.


Please arrive 10-15 minutes prior to your appointment time


*** Please be advised that routine eye examinations and contact lens evaluations are NOT covered by your medical insurance. This would fall under your vision insurance. If you do not have vision insurance, you will be responsible for the out-of-pocket cost which will be collected the day of your visit. If we are using your vision insurance, we ask that you provide us with your policy number so that we may retrieve authorization for your visit. NOTE: It is your responsibility to know what is covered under your vision benefit plan.


*** If your insurance requires that you obtain a referral in order to be seen, we ask that you contact your primary care doctor at least 5 business days prior to your examination for this.





For our contact lens patients:

Contact lens evaluations must be performed on a yearly basis as contact lens prescriptions are only valid for one year. If your prescription is more than 1 year old, you will be unable to order new contacts.


Routine eye exams and contact lens evaluations are covered by vision insurance, NOT medical insurance. If you have vision insurance, please provide us with the policy number as we are required to retrieve an authorization for your exam.


Rigid gas-permeable contact lenses should be discontinued seven days prior to your examination. If you have scheduled a Laser Vision Correction examination, it is necessary to discontinue soft contact lenses one week prior and rigid gas-permeable contact lenses three weeks prior to your appointment.

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