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Dr. Amanda Cook and Dr. DeRenzo perform a variety of aesthetic treatments. Most procedures take just a few minutes and can be done as quickly as on your lunch hour! Call to set up your consultation today!

Botox Cosmetic:

For the upper face to remove wrinkles of the forehead and above the eyebrows, as well as for crow's feet around the eyes. When injected properly, Botox subtly reduces these wrinkles while allowing you to retain natural and expressive facial movement.

Dermal Filler:

Dermal Fillers are injectable treatments that restore youthful volume and fullness to the face, plump deeper facial lines and folds and provide contour and definition to the face. Over time, the effects of aging can take a toll on our appearance. Skin becomes thinner, loses its elasticity and is more prone to fine lines, wrinkles, creases and folds. Fortunately, Dr. Cook can to restore a smoother, more youthful appearance with the use of dermal fillers, which are injected beneath the skin's surface to fill depressed areas.

  • Voluma (Cheeks)

  • Volbella (Lips)

  • Juvederm

  • Radiesse

Chemical Facial Peels: 

A Chemical Peel uses a precise chemical solution to remove the damaged outer layers of the skin, revealing a bright, healthy, more vibrant complexion. Many of our patients enjoy the benefits of chemical peels to simply clarify, brighten and polish the skin while other patients choose a series of stronger chemical peels to improve more severe freckling, hyperpigmentation, acne scarring and age-related facial lines and wrinkles.


This is the first and only FDA-approved injectable treatment that contours and improves the appearance of the "double chin" caused by unwanted fat (subcutaneous fat). Treatment with Kybella is customized to address each patient’s unique aesthetic goals for an improved chin profile. Typically, two to four treatments, approximately one month apart, are needed to achieve the ideal result.


In just a few weeks you can finally grow your own eyelashes… darker, fuller, longer, and thicker than ever before!  Latisse is the first and only FDA-approved eyelash growth serum for women and men with thin or sparse eyelashes. 


Our practice now carries SkinMedica! An award winning, scientifically proven professional skin care line. SkinMedica formulates advanced skincare products with tested ingredients to work with your skin to help prevent the signs of aging. Click on the shop now link at the top of the page to begin experiencing SkinMedica with 2-day free shipping, free gifts, and credit toward your Brilliant Distinctions points!


Do you notice that your eyes seem more closed than they should? Do you find yourself exhaustd by the end of the day from holding your brows high to be able to see better? Not getting enough light maybe? If so, this procedure may be for you! With a simple lid lift these problems can disappear. Call today to set up an appointment to see if you are a candidate and to see how you can get your insurance company to help pay.

Lesion / Skin Tag Removal:

We can take care of unwanted bumps and skin tags from the facial region. Those unsightly areas can be transformed into beauty with just a quick office visit.










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