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Dry Eye Syndrome
Macular Degeneration
Diabetic Retinopathy
Glasses / Contacts 
Aesthetic Treatments



Surgeries are performed by Dr. Amanda Cook, Dr. Melissa DeRenzo, and Dr. Erik Happ.


Our surgeons operate out of Beaver Valley Ambulatory Surgical Center in Monaca,  Medical Center in Beaver, and The Hand and Upper Ex Center in Wexford.

We are pleased to announce the welcoming of

Dr. Erik Happ to our team of doctors and surgeons.


He is accepting new patients and is happy to see you in our Sewickley office location.

Dry Eye Syndrome
Dry eye syndrome is an ocular surface problem that causes symptoms such as burning, tearing, and blurring of the eyes. It is more common in women over the age of 40 but can affect men as well as contact lens wearers and individuals who have had Lasik surgery. Dry eye syndrome can be caused by inadequate or poor quality tear production. Breakthrough technology from TearLab Corporation© now allows us to test the osmolarity (salt content) of your tears. This aids in the diagnosis and treatment of the underlying cause of your dry eye symptoms.



  Enhance, Refresh, Rejuvenate

Dr. Cook and Dr. DeRenzo offer an array of facial aesthetics as well as minor procedures that can be done in the office for a subtle refreshed glow. Please click here to learn more!


Monday: 8am - 4pm

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Thursday: 8am - 4pm


Friday: 8am - 2pm

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*Hours may be subject to change.*

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